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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So much for being an early bird

I feel silly writing this after my previous post. I was late for the Anatomy orientation today. Nice. And for a stupid reason pa talaga. I got lost. Hehe. That, and the damn elevator ride took too long (if you keep riding the elevator without knowing where to go, you'll get my point). I actually went to the Reg Office just to ask where 1401 was. At least I wasn't alone. Turns out marami din palang nalito. Haha, freshies. Tst tsk.

Kasi naman noh, if you look at the buttons in the elevator, the last 2 floors are 12 and P. A lot of us knew that 1401 would be at the fourteenth floor, but the question was, do we HAVE a fourteenth floor?? At fifteen minutes past 8, panicky thoughts started pouring in. Did P stand for Parking? If not, then P would logically be the 13th floor...so where in the world is 1401?? Am I in the right building? I know the CHBC building has a 14th floor, but it only houses two auditoriums. Does the college hold classes there? Where the heck should I be right now?? The answer to the last question is clearly 1401. Hay, if only I knew where to find it.

The fabulous ate (she's really nice...a far cry from the irritable people at the UP OUR) at the Reg office didn't know where 1401 was either. Yay, I'm not THAT idiotic after all. :D She called up the guard and told us (may kasabay din akong nawawalang bata, newfound friend. double yay!) na sa Penthouse pala yun. Ahhh, so THAT'S what P was for. And ahhhh, wala nga palang official 13th floors dito due to superstition.

Finally, Kat (the fellow lost child) and I made it to the Ana orientation. We only missed the handing out of the curriculum and course outline lang naman. Thank God. Note to self: go to class at least 15 minutes early in case I have another nasty bout of Freshie Lostness. Hehehe.

Wake up and Smell the...Tambucho

Yep, that's the first thing I smell in the morning. Exhaust from darn cars. My only window faces the parking garage of the frickin' apartment complex, tapat pa talaga ng gate.

Despite that, living here certainly has its perks. My fave perk is the fact that I only need to wake up an hour before my class and still get to school early. Sa bagal ko gumalaw, I didn't think it was ever possible for me to be on time, let alone be early for class. I even have time to fix my room before leaving! Innit cool?? :D And i'm writing this while having my morning coffee :)

The place is really small, compared to the house. Siguro the floor area of the whole thing is as big as our living room at home. Or maybe add a quarter of the dining room to the living room tas yun na yun. This has to be the first time I've lived in a place without stairs, so ginaganahan na kong gumalaw. Yay :)

I just have to get used to the noise. My house is a frickin' nature park, compared to this place. I'm sure I'll get used to it din naman. I think I like it here already. :) Gotta go get ready for school! My first class is at 8am kasi (Clinical Ana...wonder how it'll go...) and it's 7:35am na. Hehe. A 5-minute walk to school. Yeah. Sounds great, huh? :)

Trigger Happy

Cockroaches. Be it Periplaneta americana or Blatta, I treat them all with equal disgust. With roaches, size DOES matter. I’m having flashbacks of the time when I joined a study group session at Aldi’s and we found a roach that looked like a prehistoric, evolution-forgotten creature. It was roughly the size of a badly squelched trilobite. Looked a lot like it too. *shudder* Roaches get bonus points for flying. Aaaaagh.

I came to the apartment, armed to the teeth with anti-pest products. I think I made the owner of Baygon a whole lot richer in a single shopping trip. I also bought Blattanex, a highly recommended product by my Auntie Ces. Apart from those things, I also brought a huge canister of Lysol for my oh-my-God-they-crawled-here paranoid moments. Roaches and their damn cooties.

The first day I moved in, I was soooo tired that I wanted to go to sleep right away…but I just HAD to at least use the Baygon chalk. Haha. After closing every door and attempting to seal every crevice accessible to those mortifying insects, I literally drew a line around my territory. My inter-species way of saying “Bugs, Lynduh goes this way and you guys...er…go away”. Imagine me walking around in my jammies, crankily scraping Baygon chalk on the base of every door. Hehe. I had my first victim this morning (found it twitching on the kitchen floor), and I was only able to summon up the courage to sweep it outside a few minutes ago (it wasn’t moving anymore and it looked satisfyingly crusty = uber dead).

After orientation day, I had more time and more energy (I took a 2-hour nap out of boredom) for my anti-ipis campaign. The instructions on the Blattanex label said that I should apply 5mm-radius dots in discreet corners near suspected cockroach breeding grounds. Okay, one, there’s no way in hell I’m going near the frickin’ suspected breeding grounds. Two, I’m overly paranoid with those creatures, so discreetly placed 5mm-radius dots wouldn’t do the trick for me. I don’t give a hoot if the small syringe costs around 200 bucks, basta dapat mamatay silang lahat!

So there, I’m just waiting for more victims. Hopefully, they’d choose to die outside (the i-want-to-see-the-sun-for-the-last-time urges, if it’s applicable to those pesky Arthropods) so I won’t have to wait for them to stop writhing and go crusty before sweeping the damn floor. Oh wait, I just remembered that I wanted to spray Lysol where I found the first kill. Wahahah. Die, roaches, DIE!! :D

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away -- What, are you cRaZy??!

I'm a rain person. While most people feel depressed whenever threatening clouds huddle in the sky, I become giddy with the prospect of having a rainy day ahead. I love everything about it! I especially like the earthy smell that wafts into my room just as the first raindrops start to fall on the ground. As soon as i take a whiff, i always drop whatever I'm doing and run to the balcony to silently urge the light drizzle to turn into a steady downpour (sorry sa mga nagcocommute :D). Sometimes, the sky doesn't need further encouragement as humongous raindrops grace the earth, but I'd still run out into the balcony anyway to get drenched. :D

Storms bring out my not-so-inner child. My younger sisters would sit around and look outside gloomily, until they see their usually grumpy Ate running like a crazy kid towards the garden. Not to be outdone, Leila and Aea would both grab their towels, fling them on the dining chairs and run outside with flailing arms and all. We'd usually play tag, take turns spinning Aea around and doing zany dances in our soaked pajamas. Ynna, the sleepyhead, is always the calmest one of the group. She'd walk slowly down the stairs with her towel and stare at us from the shelter of the dining room, contemplating whether she really wanted to join us or not. Leila, Aea and I would yell out "Corny!", "Tara na!", "Masaya!" in the middle of taunting chicken dances until Ynna finally shrugs and charges to the garden.

Sana di mashadong umulan pag med na. I'll be living alone then. No garden to dance in, no silly kids to spin around, no one to persuade into dancing in the rain...just me and my textbooks. Then again, I love reading din naman when it rains. Ah well, i still love the rain, no point being senti about it. I just hope it pours when I come home every weekend. :)

Errand Girl

On a regular school day, I'd be really ticked off if i were given a lot of errands for one day. Right now, i feel great about it. Felt great crossing out each and every single item on my list. I'm a list person. I like writing down whatever I need to finish for the day and crossing them out one by one. Yeah, I know it sounds so OC, but i yearn for that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Astig pa kasi i ran around QC for three hours, getting my clearance, applying for school stuff, claiming a parcel, retrieving moolah, buying stuff, etc. Normally, it'd take me a day and i won't even finish half of my list. Wala lang. Natutuwa ako sa araw na to. :)

Just as i finished wrapping Aea's books with Leila, Emong came over to drop off a pasta dish that he cooked. Astig! Sarap!! My family ate at this posh italian restaurant in Tagaytay na suuuuuuuuuuper sarap yung pasta about a month ago, and Emong's pasta tasted exactly like the dish i ordered! I told him to start a business eventually for extra income...i swear, dun ako kakain parati! :)

I like this day. :) There's something nice about waking up in the morning (hey, 9am is pretty early by my standards) and having stuff to do without being nagged about it. I'm not a complete sloth naman, I just don't like being rushed. Promise, kahit utusan pa ko buong araw ok lang, basta wag akong bigyan ng deadlines. Hehe. Hmmm...so THAT's why i'm grumpy when i have classes. :D

The Fool Behind the Wheel

My dad asked me to pay the waterbill today and I agreed instantly, since i had other errands as well. Speed Construction (Soliven's own company) provides water for our entire subdivision (not Manila Water or MWSS) so i was supposed to find out where their field office is located. I had no idea where to start...all i knew was that it was somewhere in LGV. I asked different guards and went as far as the LGVHAI main office, but all they could tell me was that it was somewhere in Moscow St. As soon as I took note of the street, I went off to find the office.

I got as far as Phase two when realization hit me: i had no idea where Moscow was (don't get smart with me, i'm talking about the street here :P). Come to think of it, whenever someone mentions a street in the i-know-blah-blah-from-blah-blah-in-LGV, I always nod as if i actually knew where that person lived. It just struck me that I never thought that LGV was actually a pretty big place. Sure, I'll never get lost inside it, but i don't take note of the street names and stuff. I'd be better off when asked for instructions going to, say, Robinson's Place from Katipunan, than if asked how to go to a particular house in our village. Wala lang. Naisip ko lang. Hehehe.

I went round and round, asking several guards (again) where the darn street was. Grabe, I felt like such an idiot driving back and forth in my own village looking for a particular street. Heck, the office should provide the residents with a map of this danged subdivision. :P

By the way, nahanap ko naman din yung office after several wrong turns and after going to three different construction sites (shame! malay ko ba??). Hehehe. Lalang.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crazy Devil

have you ever had this feeling of extreme unrest from time to time? more importantly, have you done anything relatively insane recently? in the past month? in your whole life?

i've been the wildchild in almost all barkadas i've had so far. i'm the unpredictable, moody, pasimuno ng kalokohan person with the fake, er, responsible-meek-and-mild expression (or so people say). i've been in rough spots before, but no one can ever argue that i had tons of fun. some of my friends won't even believe that i'm (partly) decent na. i'm a good girl now. really. 0:)

i may not look like a weird freaky partygirl or anything and i can be really boring (as in SNORE to the highest degree), but i can smack anyone with detailed accounts of my previously crazy life in a snap.

i won't even begin any of those stories here. just ask me face to face and brace yourself. hehe. but then a wakeup call came, in the form of failing grades (yep, i passed 7 units out of 19 in one sem and had 2 5s the following semester) and my ego was bruised beyond recognition. i know i'm not a moron or even close to being a complete idiot, but i flunked. i couldn't bear giving teachers the chance to jab me left and right with killer exams that i knew i could've passed if only i decided to take them seriously. so i stuffed my unpredictable self in an imaginary duffel bag for a while and it certainly paid off. sometimes i regret having let it go that far. sometimes i think about what i could have achieved if i've taken everything seriously from day one. but at least i know myself better now. i guess i needed those failures in a way. i had to be scared, to be threatened enough, for me to decide that i'm going to be on top of my game.

would i trade all those party nights for more study time? would i take it back if i had the chance? i really don't know. if i passed all my subjects (as in flat out tres manlang), i would've gone on drinking before exams. i would've continued to drive under the influence at 3am on a school night, thinking i'd get away with it anyway.

by now i know WHEN i can be on my all-out party mode. i don't live the haphazard life anymore. a girl's gotta have fun before life sucks the life out of her, but it's more of a flexible mantra than an unbreakable rule. kinda confusing huh? then again, the wildchild's out, so nothing's supposed to make sense right now. :D

Satisfaction guaranteed

I have this constant battle with contentment.

When there's time to relax (like now, for instance), i feel so...useless? lazy? maybe unsettled would be a better word. I promised myself that I'd kick back and relax for two whole months after all the bio sh*t I've gone through. So here I am, wolfing down anything i lay my eyes on, smoking like a chimney and getting headaches from oversleeping. Everything's just peachy. But then I get bored most of the time, not doing anything particularly productive. Maybe i'm just used to being under tremendous amounts of stress that i find all this free time a bit unnerving.

On regular school days, I neither eat well nor sleep much. I still smoke like a chimney, but at least I can use the well-worn i'm-too-stressed-to-slow-down line as an excuse. I complain a lot which gives people the impression that i'm unhappy.

But I'm not.

When i'm in my element, in my zone so to speak, i have this tendency to skip meals just to finish my academic requirements. It's not that i don't have the time to eat, it's just that i somehow feel like i have to be literally hungry in order to strive for something. Whereas most people can't think on an empty stomach, i can't do the opposite. Digestion is tedious and yes, i do notice that above the cellular level. After meals i'm usually slow and sleepy, so no pre-paper binge fests for me, thank you.
Getting more than 7 hours of sleep is a surefire way for me to be sluggish for the rest of the day, which feels annoyingly the same as having a nasty hangover after booze night. Hey wait, I'm not entirely abnormal...I do need to sleep at some point,but I'm more of a night person. I like working late when everyone else is asleep. No disturbance, no noise, no phonecalls or text messages to answer. I like curling up in my comfy computer chair and being all-out OC without anyone teasing me about the whole dorky setup.

In the Wardstone Chronicles, the Apprentice was trained by the Spook to work on an empty stomach. He said that people are more susceptible to dangers when they're physically satisfied. The same rule is applicable to anacondas. As soon as the snake detects a threat, it regurgitates its meal, knowing that it can't put up a fight while it's digesting tons and tons of meat. hmm...maybe i was an anaconda in my past life. hehehehe.

there's a saying that satisfaction is the antithesis of productivity. when a person is entirely content with his/her life, it becomes harder to move his/her ass. seriously. maybe human nature is all about discontent. accomplishments are not so fulfilling if you didn't get your face smashed into a mudhole for a while. challenges can break you, but overcoming them is priceless. i may whine, groan and complain about all the nasty patches i've had in college but i'm inwardly smiling about how i got through them anyway. for anyone who fears stagnation, satisfaction is the enemy. there's plenty of time to gloat about your accomplishments in the afterlife.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Toe cheese and Dad conversations

I had an uber funny cenversation with Bel on YM kanina...we were laughing so hard, i decided to post it out of boredom. hehehe. enjoy.

lilyn: so nag aaway kayo sa house?

bel1: oo. kahapon pa. actually, more of silent treatment kagabi. hindi ko talaga sha pinapansin at nagpapacute sha. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. lalong nakakainis.

bel1: kanina, he had visitors and i couldnt care less for being rude to him dahil nagdadabog ako to his face

lilyn: hahahhahahha...i can't get over the nagpapacute part

bel1: gross diba?

bel1: anyway.

lilyn: hahahahha...gross, but i definitely get it

lilyn: hay nako, si itay dear naman ay may bagong morning habit...he wakes up early in the am and crawls into my bed like a kid. maaraw at mainit daw kase sa room nila so he sleeps in my room from 7am-10am. blech

lilyn: parang ang sweet nga when you think about it, kaso ang lakas nyang humilik, nagigising tuloy ako!!! plus he sleeps in the opposite orientation so minsan katapat ng muka ko yung paa nya and dinadagan nya yung paa nya sa pillow ko. eww. TOE CHEESE!!!

bel1: ang cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ng dad mo!!

bel1: pero god, if my dad did that, i swear, i'll storm out of my room, slam the door and lck him up!!!

lilyn: hahahahah!!

lilyn: yeah, mej natatawa nga ako kse parang lambing nya yun since i'm leaving in a month, pero still!!! minsan ako yung lumilipat sa room nya, tinitiis yung init and all

bel1: ngayon ko lang nabasa yung toe cheese!! sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! benta!!!

lilyn: hahahah!! that's what i used to call emong..him and his flaky feet

bel1: haahahahahaha.

lilyn: and i used to say flaky feet right in front of him too

bel1: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!


lilyn: kaya pag 115 lec, tinataas nya paa nya sa tabi ng chair ko. ewwwww!!!



bel1: okay!!

lilyn: sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

bel1: sumisigaw na talaga lo dito!!!!

bel1: im having ham and cheese omelet!!!

bel1: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

bel1: sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

bel1: and my sister's eating cornflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lilyn: sobra naman akong natatawa sayo while smoking kaya may staccato bursts of smoke dito

bel1: ang sakit sa uloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

lilyn: oops

lilyn: wag mo nalang isipin yung paa ni emong

bel1: i didnt even notice what we were eating until i had to leave to get a glass of water sa sobrang tawa

bel1: shet. ung paa ni emong

bel1: grabe. im so saving this conversation. haha.

lilyn: hahahahhah!!! ako din...tas papabasa ko kay emong sometime

bel1: hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah> ))

Of blogs and journals

i've only plunged into the vanity-plagued world of blogs and journals fairly recently. wait, that's not fair to everyone pala..keeping track of one's life is not a completely narcisstic endeavor naman (self-saving remark). oops, my bad. :P now i can't make up my mind whether i should update my blog or write in my journal or both.

for years, the closest thing i had to a journal was this thick notebook with half-filled pages of boylet stories. damn, ang landi ng dating. haha. it was more of a kilig logbook which served as a remedy whenever i'm nursing one of them i-hate-the-world episodes. haven't written in it for the longest time though. so matino na nga ako. haha. plus it doubles as an amusing bathroom reading material when i'm bored with all the decent publications in our bookshelves.

blogging is a way for me to publicize my rants, raves and other stuff na i'm willing to share with the world at large. references to people can range from actual names to partially vague descriptions, depending on whether what i'm writing about them is fantastic or horrible. plus when i'm too tamad to write legibly (usually when i want to relay stories that are overly detailed), it's usually much more convenient to type, what with my scientific-paper-writing-trained fingers.

my old fashioned journal is much more private (obviously!), cheesy, disorganized and definitely much much more intriguing. don't you just want to read it?? hahaha. fat chance. i'll probably leave it to one of my kids as part of my last will and testament just so they'd know their mother wasn't completely boring. hehehehe.

hay, iba talaga ang walang magawa...friendster galore ito. :P

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The REAL Ditz Fit: Shopping with Lulu

Yep, you guessed it. After a loooooooong entry about shopping (see previous post), the main story's here. Hehehe. The first post should serve as my semi-apologetic-half-indignant introduction-slash-disclaimer. Just so people wouldn't think I'm a complete airhead. :D

It was May 1, Labor Day, the last of the three-day sale at any imaginable mall in all cities. Since it was a holiday, Lulu was free to run around for errands so I offered to tag along. I promised to go as her adviser (yes, kailangan meron!) on her quest for the perfect summer shades ever since I bought my summer pair and she also hoped to have a couple of rubber stamps made for her clinic/office documents. The only thing I had on my To Buy list was a belly ring/stud since I'm having my tempo stud removed next Wednesday.

On a practical note, we decided to go to SM North since that's where the stamp-making shop was. We went there around lunchtime to beat the crowd. The Digi-Stamp stall was sooooo cool! We watched the attendant create rubber stamps from scratch in less than 20 minutes. The whole time I was thinking "I gotta get me one of these things when I'm older!!" -- not the stamps, but the machine. Hehehe. Astig tlaga, I swear! B)

Since we crossed out one item from our agenda amazingly fast, we continued walking around the mall like hyperactive springy sprites. Next stop: Flywear. We singled out a pair of shades right away, but decided to come back for it after checking out i2i kc it felt kinda off na ang bilis ng progress namin. We went back for it anyway after 10 minutes. Hehe. Then we browsed inside Simple Joys for creative ideas on my Dad's birthday present and came out with nothing. I saw this fantastic jewelry box, but I wanted to smack my forehead when it occurred to me that I wanted that for myself. Tsk tsk. Couldn't help it. :D I had to go to the bathroom and on our way there, Lulu and I checked out a couple of jewelry stores for navel studs. Nothing appealed to me much so I headed to the restroom. Lulu said she'd wait for me outside but when I got out (walang pila, kakaiba!), she wasn't there. I texted her but then I got impatient so I called her after a few minutes. She kept rejecting my calls, which was odd. Suddenly, I thought that maybe her phone was stolen or something and I couldn't spot her anywhere near the restrooms. It was weird but kinda funny that a grown woman like me felt like screaming "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!" like a lost kid in a crowd. Hehehe. :P She came running towards me a couple of minutes later, holding a gigantic paperbag. She had this excited smile and said she ran to get the perfect grad gift for me. As soon as I saw the Simple Joys tag on the bag, I started hopping up and down (i swear, sometimes i act like a 6-year-old) excitedly. We had a 60-second squeal-giggle-hug-fest that made other people stare at us for a while. I was sooooo thrilled, I wanted to cry. Hihihi. I love you Lulieeeeeeeee!!!! :D

Trying to get over our show-stopping episode, we continued to walk around the mall in search for better albeit cheaper belly rings. Ang mahal pala nun, leche :P We ended up browsing in the department store and we spotted summer clothes at one area. Even though we weren't looking for anything in particular, Lulu wanted to try on a pair of boardshorts and I tried on a bikini for damayan's sake (eto nanaman ako!! hahahah). Aba mirakulo at nagustuhan namin pareho! And since we were in the department store, those garments were waaaaaaaaaaay beyond cheap and looked durable naman so we bought them without second thoughts. Unthinkable. Amazing talaga. Belat to all those people who blow off loads of cash on mediocre, skimpy clothes. Sure beats the tiangge, grabe. :D

After that, we pigged out on chicharon bituka, bulaklak and gizzard. Hehe, we really can't get the UP cravings out of our systems even after leaving UP behind. After our cholesterol fest, we found the ultimate bakla belly stud at The Bead Shop. It was pricey, but at least it looked great. Ahh, mission accomplished. We finished early, by the way. Thank God at mababaliw ata ako if I hear the closing jingle of another mall without completing our set agenda. We sat in the parking lot, resting our feet while drinking Zagu shakes contentedly. All in all, our half-planned shopping trip was a success. :D

PS: some of the shops I mentioned ought to give me something for endorsing their products. hmphft. i wouldn't even dream of turning down a free belly stud from The Bead Shop. ;)

Ditz Fit: Shopping

Women's affinity for shopping is something that would forever elude men. When guys go out and buy stuff, that's really all there is to it. They go out, find what they're looking for, and go straight to the cashier to pay for it. Daya. Heheh.

There are some things about women that seem too cliche-ish like us being shoe addicts and shopping maniacs. I was against all those things that portrayed women as shallow ditzy people. When I was younger, I used to think that girls who wore makeup and looked picture-perfect all the time either had no brains or HAD to look good because that was their only asset. Chauvinistic female? Go figure.

But as life would have it, some things are simply inevitable. No matter how I struggled against it, I do love shopping and I do look longingly at glam shoes from time to time. Yeah well, I haven't completely gotten rid of the impulse to roll my eyes whenever one of the self-labeled "IT" girls (a questionable claim indeed) raves about some weird thing she calls "Step Ins" (that's what my grandmother used to call slippers too, you know) for the sake of making it known to the world that she's an "IT" girl and I still have the irrepressible urge to throw disgusted looks to a group of "IT" girls fussing about makeup when it's absolutely inappropriate. Poser Losers. I don't like it either when girls i barely know try to strike a conversation with me with shopping as an icebreaker. It's almost like coming up to me and saying "You're shallow just like me--and I think about nothing else but clothes, makeup and boys". Eurggghhhhh.

I talk with my girlfriends about shopping and I don't feel the slightest discomfort about it either. Part of it is due to the fact that we don't go gaga over some ridiculously overpriced branded thing. For us, the thrill lies in the bargain, much to the dismay of the unlucky males who unwittingly got dragged into the supposedly all-female shopping gimmicks. Besides, we don't scream about our shopping escapades, fervently hoping that someone would overhear us and think we're conyo. We're not, and we don't pretend to be. Eww to Poser Losers again.

Despite all those things I said, shopping does make me happy. I really can't explain it...one of those female quirks that makes Gau laugh whenever I try to indignantly deny ever having them.

At least the guys got one thing straight...women ARE complicated. :D

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Elites Sleepover

ok wait, scratch the "sleep" part cuz that's one thing we didn't do. grabe, bangag pa rin ako right now..3 hours of sleep and another gimmick coming up. i'm gonna die. heck, i don't even feel like writing right now...wala lang tlaga akong magawa while waiting for gau and lulu.

the Elites (short for eliterates, hehehe) spent the night at my house since beige is supposed to leave for the states this weekend (i'm not entirely sure when). glad to know that she's gonna postpone her flight para naman di bitin ang aming long-overdue reunion. so anyway, nothing much happened while we were waiting for her to leave a party in LGV.

we picked her up at 2am from her friend's house and we dragged a very drunk, very haliparot beige (yes beige, VERRRRRRYYYYY haliparot!!) into my car and up the stairs. wahaha. we didn't really have particular plans for (what's left of) the night, the only certain agenda was for the 5 of us (miss you Tatin!!) to flounder around in the kiddie pool. yeah, sobrang init kasi, hindi na namin kinaya..and we were frustrated about not having our beach plans push through, so pinatos namin pati yung inflatable kiddie pool sa bahay. it was large enough anyway. hehe.

then came an unforseen obstacle. we assumed that the pool would fill up fast enough, but apparently, we neglected to fator in the size of the pool plus the rate of flow of water from the hose. sorry, i think i'm the only one who actually liked math before and now i've given up on it, so mali talaga ang assumption namin. hahaha. so anyway, we changed into our suits narin to prep up and to get out of our stifling clothes (i swear, ang init tlaga, kakaiba!!). as usual, pics were taken, all of us half-bangag with sleep (one, laughing hysterically due to extreme amounts of alcohol in her bloodstream). so there we were, 5 grown women acting like kids, running around my patio in bikinis. fun noh?? ;D

we were so impatient by 3am (at which the water was just ankle-deep) that at some point, i just started hosing down people. wahahaha! my main target was beige..masarap pagtripan ang lasing eh! >:D anyway, we got into the pool while waiting for it to fill up. we took more pics which amazingly looked like we were in a real pool. asteg! hahaha. by the time the pool had sufficient water in it, we were all tulala and more bangag...it was 5am. we had loads of fun though, exchanging edgy hirits and laughing like hyenas.

i dropped them off at katipunan (well si beige sa bahay nya tlaga) right after i took a bath. no sleep still. i bought coffee at mcdo on my way here and scalded my tongue and palate as soon as i took a small sip. demmit. i should've asked for ice cubes or something.

i ended up here at gaui's apartment, waiting for him and lulu to finish their duty/work. i slept for 3 hours and now i'm awake even though i still want to crawl back into bed and die. i'm on my second cup of coffee for the day, doesn't matter that it's high noon and i'm sweating like a pig. agh, i can't really organize my thoughts right now, i'll just post another entry when i'm more lucid. :P

Friday, April 28, 2006

On a whim

i've repeatedly thought about having my navel pierced since...er..grade 7 (i think), and i usually let the crazy impulse pass. the farthest i've gone was to inquire about the price in a reputable place. at least until this afternoon. :D

a friend of mine (shempre di ko masabi, hayaan ko na syang mag publicize ng kanyang sariling kalokohan, hehe) asked if i could go with him to Galle and i did, without knowing what he wanted to do there. malay ko ba, kala ko naman he had errands or something. he told me he wanted to INQUIRE about getting a tattoo and i mentioned about my belly piercing frustrations, so he asked me to inquire as well, for damayan purposes lang dapat. i asked about the pricing details and he did too and that was it...or so i thought.

as soon as he found out na pwedeng i-charge yung gastos, he suddenly wanted to have the tattoo done for sure. as right that very minute. nervous as he was, i guess he didn't want to go through it alone so he proposed to pay for MY piercing too. i finally conceded when he told me he wouldn't push through with his tattoo unless i went for the offer. i thought, what the heck, sayang naman ang ipinunta namin dun, i've always wanted to do this anyway and i probably won't do it on my own. :P grabe, para kmeng mga nininerbyos na mga bata when we walked back in the shop. yeah sure, i've had more than my fair share of masochistic tendencies, but i wasn't prepared for it at all!! to think na i've always been thinking about it but never had the guts all these years then *boom!*, payag lang agad?? but i already said yes and i didn't want to pass up the opportunity. chalk it up as one of my crazy impulses fueled my another one's crazy proposal. hehehehe.

it was surprisingly quick and relatively painless. astig, i swear!! :D coming from someone who's terrified of needles (yeah, i am), that's really something. i watched him get his tattoo, which looked far more excruciating than my 15 seconds worth of tension. we came out of the shop with giddy smiles and a whole lotta jokes about our weird bonding incident. coolness! i still can't get over it. hehehehe. since i got home, i've been showing it off to my sisters, heck, even the maids, and everyone else who cared to look. heheheh. wala lang, one more thing crossed out from my wacky-stuff-to-do-before-i-die list. :D

underweight?? UNBELIEVABLE.

i went to St. Luke's for my physical exam before enrolment and the attending physician's only advice was for me was to pack in a couple of pounds. she said i was below the target weight for my height, which was pretty surprising after my Holy Week binge fest. go figure.

there are only three plausible explanations for my being underweight: 1) the stress-filled days of the second sem took a greater toll than i imagined, 2) my thyroid, having been unchecked yet again, is going on overdrive for the nth time, or 3) muscle is heavier than fat, so maybe i'm all fat and no muscle. i'm personally leaning on the third hypothesis since i've been eating like a pig since there's nothing much to do around here (cross out #1) and i've been religiously taking my antithyroid medicine (cross out #2). so that means i'd have to start working out again. drat.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

wawa Gaui ko :(

grabe, i've been so excited about going to med for as long as i can remember..but seeing how taxing it is on gau brought me crashing back to earth. he just started his clerkship (4th year med), where he's supposed to have rounds for most of the time. grabe, they don't even have weekends or breaks anymore, they only get time off after shifts and during holidays. worse, his school year has already begun. as in april 1 pa. shet, kakastart pa ngalang ng break ko eh! :P wawa baby ko :( so this saturday, i'm gonna spoil him. i'll be a gaui slave. hehehe.

pero still, i think it's pretty exciting. one more huge step towards being a doctor. i guess the road to your ultimate dream will never be easy, but sheer determination can get you through. besides, as long as you know that it'll help you get the kind of future that you want, then i guess it won't be so bad. i complain a lot about bio and other acad work, but half of me loves the adrenaline rush, the tension and the stress...ok, maybe 1/3 of me likes all those stuff. hehehehe. still, med school, here i come!! :D

secret? talaga lang ha.

i have to react. i swear, i'm on a roll tonight. i just can't seem to reign in my aversion to unbelievable people.

everyone has secrets, but no one ever keeps them. it's apparently too taxing to muster enough self-control to keep one's mouth shut. people figure they could just shift the blame by saying "hey, i have to tell you something, but promise you won't tell anyone else..". and so goes the chain of secret-keeping until in the end, everyone knows about it.

what's the ultimate flaw? YOU. you're the first person who broke the rule by telling another soul. i guess it's forgivable if you only meant to unburden yourself with guilt, but then someone's bound to have moral issues down the pseudo-chain of command.

when it finally comes out, you deny everything. you suddenly opt to have a massive episode of amnesia. you call the other person a liar and try to frantically retrieve your fragmented lies. give it a year and the truth comes out from your own mouth, you admit defeat in your i-made-a-mistake-but-i'm-glad-i-did-it manner, and you try to rationalize or worse, romanticize it. how can you still wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror? at this point, all the bridges have been burned and all past relationships are irrepairable. you've just made a bigger fool out of yourself so don't expect people to appreciate your sudden dose of honesty.

the BOYPREN talk

it's stupid. it really is. i probably (sorry, i don't keep an exact count) have more guy friends than girl friends for simple reasons:

1) it's easier to talk to guys cuz they don't have hangups like most girls do, or at least they don't wear their insecurities like badges.

2) guys don't have to blab about kikay stuff (i'm allergic to kikay talk in general) just to feel good about themselves. they don't go, "Pare, i went o the mall kanina and God, i saw the most fantastic pair of STEP-INS and i just had to buy it...but when i tried it on, i felt depressed kasi my feet were too mabuhok and fat so i had to go for a facial at this expensive spa". dear Lord, bakit ba pinanganak ang mga babaeng ganun??

3) guy talk is plain and simple. they mean what they say and they say it in less than a minute. no sob stories to solicit your pity and succeeding cooperation. they go "pare pautang, bayaran kita bukas". o di ba? simple! :)

4) bonding with guys don't require a tremendous amount of effort nor slavery. guys won't mind if you tell them you can't pick them up kasi it's out of your way. walang tampu-tampururot. guilt is not their ultimate tool.

there. i don't get girls who start whispering about fictitious plots to steal their crushes/boyfriends. sorry hija, i'm taken. yes, i have my own boyfriend and i'm not interested in yours. and by the way, it's BOYFRIEND, not BOYPRRRRREN. stop sounding so cheap and maybe you can get another one. geez.

PS: i'm not giving girls in general a bad rep, it's just that i've been stuck for four years in a place teeming with these shameless types. i haven't been proven wrong yet since most of my friends ARE guys and no, i don't flirt with males to build friendships.

better than who?

why is it that even the most pathetic low-life on earth would still manage to think that s/he is better than other people? is it merely a default setting for human beings to think that way, like some sort of self-preserving mechanism? it's amusing to observe the way an individual behaves around different sorts of people. that is, it's amusing as long as you're not their point of reference.

i find it weird that the most insecure person in the world can still look and the mirror and say "i'm better than her" or some other bullcrap. maybe it helps them go through the day without breaking down into tiny weepy pieces. whatever makes you happy, dear.

and i don't like people who point fingers and go "she's like this and like that and isn't that just so disgusting?" when in fact, they're the ones with the hidden stench. they're the ones you overhear in hallways saying "grabe, si blah blah, she's so malandi" and then their next topic of conversation is about a guy who's (pardon me, these are direct quotes..di ako ganito magsalita talaga) "masarap dilaan" or "the guy whom i'd share forbidden exploits with". just reading/hearing about it makes me want to take a bath all over again just to get rid of my spastic, disgusted reaction.

in my four years in bio, after all the laboratory exercises involving some of the grossest animals (try dissecting a roach), i've finally concluded that the most appalling being on earth is the female human in heat. no, i'm not being a hypocrite. yeah sure, it's normal to get the hots for some guy and fecundity/fertility is a good thing, but the way some CRASS people react to it just wants to make me barf! bonus points to those who can't keep it to themselves and just HAVE to share their escapades/fantasies with the rest of the human race. this is probably the only time i'm gonna side with the moms, the lolas, and all the other prude-ish people. this time, i'd have to agree with their arguments that start with "hoy, ka-babae mong tao...". sana lang tablan pa ang mga taong yun despite the thick carapace covering their faces.